Shortcut to Now

by The Splendid Nobodies

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“Shortcut to Now" the new record by Boston country rockers, The Splendid Nobodies, was designed as an album, whose 10 tracks weave through time to tell a true story about life. In every life, music plays in the background. For some, it acts as a guide, and for others, it can be a savior.

The record begins with a reflection on the waning days of reckless youth in the rollicking opener, “More of Everything,” before moving through a stark period marked by temptation (Truth Be Told) and the loneliness of transition (Nothing to Do). The passage of time is acknowledged in “What Is” before checking in on faith for guidance in the old time rock and gospel flavored “Amen.” Leaving a hometown forever changed (Shovel) is followed by a moving tribute to a good friend lost too soon (Hurricane). Love and a faith reinvented are found in “Diamond” and an open letter to the children who came as a result is shared on “Branches.” This set of songs ends with a look back, making peace with the road travelled so far, and casting an eye to the future, armed with greater strength as a result of the journey. (Ballad of the Soil). The story line mirrors the experiences of songwriter and lead singer Paul Kearnan, who gratefully recognizes the power that music has had in helping him through various stages in life.


released May 6, 2014

Mike Leavey - guitar
Scott Cormier - bass
Chris Sciuto - drums
Paul Kearnan - vocals
Produced by Dan Hallas
Background vocals - Ramona Silver, Carla Ryder, Dan Hallas, Wanda Perry-Josephs, Geno Porter, Constance Kirven-Porter, Eilise Jones
Keyboards - Rusty Scott
Pedal Steel - Tim Obetz
Fiddle - Meredith Cooper

All songs written by Paul Kearnan



all rights reserved


The Splendid Nobodies Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: More of Everything
More of Everything

lost somewhere between
sunset and sunrise
I was seeing double so I closed one eye
\I didn’t get down to the heart of the matter
But I made it through the night

Keeping one eye open
between my finger and my thumb
When I prayed Jesus give me one more exit
Conway came out of the static… bum bum bum,
blinded by stereo light, off ramps flew by and I sang along

When one is good two is better
And three is a beautiful thing
Why stop at four when you can have some more
I want more of everything

Woke up feeling like a Cadillac
Was parked upon my chest
Thought about making some changes
as I lit another cigarette
good intentions mean nothing
when you’re sorry for something


It aint the caboose that kills you when you stare down that train
The first spark, that starts the engine is to blame


Track Name: Truth Be Told
I spent the night in the city jail
They leave the lights on all night in there
Took my shoelaces away from me
But that was not necessary

Oh lord truth be told
I’m trying to stay away from the 6 foot hole
Temptation wants to bring me down
Every time you are not around

Devil says, “I am relief”
Reaches out a hand to me
That wraps around my throat
when I beg him to let go


no one I love understands
why I go away from them

I haven’t been much of a son
Husband, brother, true friend to none
I have got debts to pay
I’m not ready for the judgment day

Track Name: Nothing to Do
Nothing to Do

Walking round my town to kill a Saturday
The sun moves across the sky
Hours slip away
I’m looking into passing cars
For faces I miss
I got nothing to do and nobody to do it with
I got nothing to do and nobody to do it with

Stop into a record shop
To pass a little time
Looking at the used cassettes
in the discount aisle
A1A, Tea for Tillerman
Shouldn’t be like this
I got nothing to do and nobody to do it with
I got nothing to do and nobody to do it with


When I get home (Bridge)
I check my answering tape
The lights not blinking, but I do it anyway
Cause I woke up feeling like
Something would ……….change

but still its Chinese food and cigarettes, another weekend gone
I’m fallin asleep with my guitar on me in a chair with the tv on.
Something in my head keeps telling me love is a myth
I got nothing to do and nobody to do it with

I got nothing to do and nobody to do it with
I got nothing to do and nobody to do it with
Track Name: What Is

What is is, slipping away from me
What was was, until it wasn’t meant to be
I lived it up , now I can’t live it down
What I thought was old, seems so young to me now

When I see youth, my heart pines
For the days when she was mine
she’s out showing someone else the time of their life
When you take her for granted, she flies
My biggest dreams haven’t come to pass
burning desires are fading fast



Daddy got sick, Mama did too
He kinda had it coming, she tried more like you should
We all need something to hold onto
You can’t always pick and choose
I took a handful of records from behind the basement bar
remember when, we were who we are

Track Name: Amen

My paycheck keeps running out
Before the week is through
I’m having trouble putting gas into my car
And the winter heating bills are coming soon

I went down to see the man at the bank
Filled out the papers for a loan
Just put his hands up saying “nothing I can do,
trouble is the only thing you own.”

When a man can’t help you , Amen can
Amen can pull you through
Amen is stronger than a man
Got to Say amen, amen

I wrote a letter to my congressman
begging for a hand
Got back an autographed picture of him
Signed with a rubber stamp

Preacher man, will I live long enough?
Can I get a guarantee
For one dance with my little girl on her wedding night ?
He said, son, It’s not up to me

When a man can’t help you , Amen can
Amen can pull you through
Amen is stronger than a man
Say amen, amen

Amen (Amen)
Amen (Amen)
Stronger than a man (Amen)

Amen (Amen)
Ament (Amen)
Sometimes you’ve got to say (Amen)
Track Name: Shovel

My heart takes me, back in time
everyone I loved was under one roof
Days had no names, I wish I could stay
but I’m feeling too far away

a good for nothing buildings stands
on top of our sweet memories
where the mayor’s silver shovel sank down
into my old street

When a boot stomps a steel blade Into the ground
Listen for the whisper, it’s a mournful sound
Something’s going up or coming down
When a boot stomps a steel blade into the ground

Life saw fit, for me to roam
Through days cruel, on my own
Til I found somebody that I could call home
She’s with me wherever I go

On the day I lay down in my best suit
To leave my love and all she saw me through
I plan to take this gold ring she put on my hand
Find an honest undertaker man

When a boot stomps a steel blade Into the ground
Listen for the whisper, it’s a mournful sound
Something’s going up or coming down
When a boot stomps a steel blade into the ground
Track Name: Hurricane
Are you out there
can you hear me, my friend?
I would like to sit down with you, and laugh again
Things run through my mind that I know would make your smile
big enough to close your eyes

Sometimes I feel like I gave up the right to say that I miss you
Cause there were times when I didn’t try as hard as I could
But you live with what you done, what else is there to do
I keep the good parts in my heart when I think of you
Each time the first few notes of a song take me back to places where I once belonged
I see you young and strong

In your jean jacket with rock and roll patches
Hair hanging down over the collar
Playing air guitar in that old red tomato car
With a beer between your legs
blessed as you were gonna get, rocking like a hurricane

I rode down New Scotland Avenue on my way to go spend some time with you.
past our favorite bar and our high school and the ball field where we all watched you
Become a state champ 25 years ago
Now its hard to get across a room without your brother Joe
Its just as hard on him I know

Down at St. Peter’s, I brought you candy and the Times Union Sports page
you had a buzz cut and your body was so thin I couldn’t find your face
You said they’re working on a new drug, gonna knock the MS out
hey remember Sunday nights down in the basement hanging out
when you laughed, and I saw you again

Track Name: Diamond
A little closer to the sun or a little bit further away
We would all be frozen stiffs or going down in flames
But we keep hanging on
Here in the right place
mercy don’t care if you call her
gravity or grace

a diamond aint nothing but a stone
dug up from the ground when they put a price tag on
add a little polish, people play along
still a diamond aint nothing but a stone

Daddy done alright by me
gave more than he got
the records in his cabinet
Told me things he could not
I can find peace of mind
sunday morning road alone
Tuned into a station
playing honest songs

CHORUS and Music break

I can pick a flower for my girl, she don’t need a rose

Track Name: Branches
Caroline, shine
You make me laugh so hard
show the world
What’s in my little girl
And her heart

mom and me
will always be
here for you, go ahead and climb
roots are tied
to branches in the sky
that are reaching for the sun

Amanda Rose, I know
Just how brave you are
Somewhere behind
Every shadow
There’s a light
You were born to find


Georgie, my son
From day one
you were loved
any question’s all right
we can talk all night
anytime you want

Track Name: Ballad of the Soil
nothing in this world will bring me down
nothing in this world can bring me down
there’s no power I believe
can do worse than I done to me
Nothing in this world can bring me down

Nothing here will put chains on me
Nothing here can put chains on me
Freedom is between your ears
After all my wasted years
Nothing here can put chains on me

I’ve been the soil, that’s over now
I’ve seen enough rain,
I’ve been through my last drought
I’ve been the soil, I’m gonna be the plough
Try to walk on me again
And I’ll chew you up now

Nobody ever took a thing from me
Nobody’s gonna take a thing from me
All I lost, I gave away
I’m the only one to blame
Nobody ever took a thing from me


Don’t you tell me where I’m gonna go
You can’t tell me where I’m gonna go
No one knows, I hear them talk,
But I sit back and watch them walk
Don’t you tell me where I’m gonna go